Gain a partner in purchasing wisely.

Your home may well be the most important purchase you make in life. At the end of the day, your home is your refuge. It’s the private habitat in which your life plays out. At CHR, we believe something so vital to your identity and comfort should be sold quite differently than toothpaste or cell service. We believe you want a consultant in this process – and a compassionate one at that. You want an ally who will help you buy the best home for YOU, not strong-arm you into a home you should want. That’s why my CHR team and I won’t “sell” you a house. Instead, we’ll help you buy one.

We’ll also deliver a team of talented players in critical roles. Choose us, and you’ll gain access to lending experts who can offer you the most favorable financing for your specific needs. Together, we are real estate professionals who partner with you to make a wise and life-enhancing purchase.

Identify wants and needs. Define your highest priorities clearly.

Every successful purchase begins with defining what you want in a home and also what you need in a home. Combining both definitions leads to the best possible outcome. No matter your price range, certain things count more than others. Some features rank higher on your priority list – and it’s our job to help you make the most accurate list.

Total square footage, numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms, multi-story or sprawling ranch? Those are standard questions to answer. But what about lifestyle factors like commuting distance, school district, recreational amenities, the nearest grocery store, and other quality of life issues? We’ll support you in determining what matters most – to you.


Pinpoint optimal financing. Gain buying leverage with loan pre-approval.

Pre-approved financing keeps you on the straight-and-narrow in terms of looking for homes in the right price range (there’s nothing worse than falling in love with a home beyond your reach). Better still, loan pre-approval boosts your credibility with sellers. Every agent will tell you that.

We’ll go beyond the standard mantra. Pre-approval means nothing without the right financing. My team and I will connect you with a reputable lender to secure pre-approval for the best loan for you – financing that aligns with your circumstance.

Planning to be in the house for only three years? A five-year adjustable-rate loan may save you thousands in monthly payments. Need to minimize cash out of pocket? Lender-paid closing costs may be just the ticket. Whatever your goals, we’ll connect you with the right mortgage professional to help you explore every option.


Find the right property. Search efficiently, powerfully and collaboratively.

Already, you probably have a few ideas about homes you can’t wait to see. You’ve driven around to spot For Sale signs and you’ve checked out online listings in desirable neighborhoods.


Most buyers do a bit of leg work before ever contacting an agent, and we welcome that collaborative process. Using the best tools available to agents/brokers (powered by state-of-the-art technology), we will not only uncover properties in neighborhoods you’ve earmarked but will also point you to hidden gems you may not even know exist.

The data we are able to share, gives you virtual “keys” to the doors of desirable properties. Take a look from the comfort of your kitchen table. We will expand your horizons and contribute added insight, expertise and power to your search.


Negotiate a favorable deal. Uncover what you don't (and MUST) know.

You’re ready to buy – now what? My team and I won’t back away when you’ve found the property you want. Instead, you can count on us to advocate for you throughout contract negotiations and closing (so long as we (CHR) represent you as a Buyer’s Agent – a legal definition we’ll be happy to explain).

Information is power. That’s why we'll understand every detail of the transaction. For example, we’ll know how long the house was on the market and whether any prior contracts fell through (or if price reductions came into play).

Better still, we’ll make sure you know exactly how much the seller paid for the home previously – and even the seller’s current loan balance. These insights and others will ensure you get the best possible terms and price.


Make the most of due diligence. Protect yourself with skilled transaction management.

My team and I, working with dedicated in-house transaction managers when appropriate, help you understand and benefit from standard real estate contract contingencies to ensure a successful closing.

This means you’ll have adequate time to “kick the tires” on the home to make sure nothing’s amiss beneath fresh paint or new landscaping. These buyer-friendly safety valves related to inspection and appraisal allow you to walk away without penalty should serious flaws come to light.

Typical contract contingencies also allow time to review property title and HOA documents (where applicable), obtain insurance, and secure firm financing. We will also show you how to protect yourself when you must sell your current home at the same time you purchase a new one.


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